Our shop closed permanently April 2017. Thank you for your business.

About Us

My love of all things Swedish began with a baby. My husband and I had gone through years of infertility when we decided to build our family through adoption. My husband is a first generation Estonian American and because of this we chose to adopt from Estonia. The process required a trip to Estonia to hand deliver our paperwork. We did a side trip from Estonia to Sweden to visit Peter's cousin who lived in Gamlastan. (She and her brother escaped with their nanny and father from Estonia when the Soviets invaded.) I fell in love with Stockholm on that very first visit. When we were matched with our son, and returned to Estonia to finalize the adoption, our Swedish cousin came to be with us for our one month stay. It was an incredibly bonding experience. Years later, as our son grew, we started to vacation in Sweden. We would always go to Klaradal, which is the name of Peter's cousin's country house, near Gnesta. It was at that house, around the dining table, where we started to form the idea of a Scandinavian shop. We have, as of 2016, been in business 14 years. It is not the most profitable business but it is a labor of love that I hope shows when you visit our shop or check out our website. We, personally, enter items onto our site so we are often behind in showing what is in stock AND what has sold. Our webshop shows a fraction of what we have so please, if you are looking for something specific, don't hesitate to contact us....we might very well have it! Thanks for visiting our Swedish Country site!