Thursday shopping near Leksand

Woke up to another beautiful morning in Tallberg.  Take a look at my view from breakfast.  I put on my shoe grippers to keep me upright on the snowy driveway and sidewalks and headed out shopping.  I Visited a number of my favorite sites and took farewell photos of the owners.  When I came home, I decided to have dinner at the hotel and then went for a walk.  I felt great, securely walking with my steel grip covered shoes and took in the quiet night.  I was excited to spot two jackrabbits…something I’ve only seen once before here.  The walk was great until I realized I was lost!  Every house is red, and every house seems to have a lit tree in front of it.  The hotel is rather large and lit up, but I found myself on a somewhat dark road surrounded by single family homes.  I thought I would turn on my phone to get location help but discovered the battery was drained!  Luckily after more walking, I spotted a familiar hotel and, from there, was able to get back to the hotel.  Needless to say, after an almost hour walk in freezing temperatures, I slept well!