Stockholm Bound

I'm heading to Stockholm for my final Klaradal shopping trip. I've already purchased some paintings that I will bring home for a "reveal" on Saturday, March 11.(A few are shown below)  I won't buy much when in Sweden but promise that what I do … [Continue reading]

The Estonian Kringle – as I know it!

Thirty years of marriage to an Estonian American has made me relatively familiar with the special foods of this culture. My favorite food, by far, is the kringle. This is a pretzel-shaped pastry traditionally served for Birthdays. Peter's Mom used … [Continue reading]

Bittersweet Memories

It's appropriate that the wonderful orange berry vine growing wild in fall along the road is called bittersweet because what can be more bittersweet then Halloween, All Souls Day and All Saints Day? Every Halloween this little brown bag pumpkin … [Continue reading]

Halloween at Klaradal

Every year the Klaragals who work the Saturday before Halloween dress in a theme that relates to one of our decorated trees. This year we have a tree featuring vintage White House Christmas ornaments so we chose to dress as former and fictional first … [Continue reading]

Cream cheese apple pie filling dip

I've been making this dip for years without an official recipe. A lot of my customers have asked for it and I found this one on the site  I have made changes (below) to the original recipe.  I deleted extra sugar, vanilla, and … [Continue reading]

Georgetown Flea Market

This past Sunday I thought I would try selling at the Georgetown Flea market. It was forecast to be a beautiful day and it was. It was also a very dark that we had to arrive to location by 6:00 am. I'm not a morning person and felt … [Continue reading]

Light a Candle!

Eleanor Roosevelt wrote that it is better to light a candle than to curse the darknes.  The Swedes, with their long dark winters, know this fact well and, as a result, have beautiful candle holders and sconces.  Here are a few in the shop today.   … [Continue reading]

Klaradal and ScanFest 2016

Peter and I are back from Scan Fest where we had beatuful weather for this annual Sunday of Labor Day event. Facebook created a little slide show for me which is shown below. Click on it to hear the music. There is one photo of two women, in folk … [Continue reading]

Quick video of the first two rooms at shop

Click here to see some shop photos … [Continue reading]

Josef Frank Exhibit at Millesgarden

I first went to Millesgarden last year and couldn't believe it took me to long to discover this beautiful jewel of a museum. The house belonged to the sculptor Milles who created amazing works of art that tested the limits of balance. I wrote, in an … [Continue reading]