Klaradal closes after 14 years

I made the decision this January that I needed to close Klaradal.  It’s been a labor of love but, unfortunately, not a big money maker.  The past few years saw declining sales and the past two years we lost money.  So…..it was the only choice.  I told my employees first and then my customers.  My goal was to find a new job for the woman who helped me manage the shop.  A customer stepped up and offered her a new position.  It was great to see her on her way but also left me understaffed for the last 45 days.

My customers were incredibly supportive and I sold the bulk of my inventory at full price.  The rest of the items, in the final weeks, sold for between 25 & 50% off original price.  There are some display pieces left which will be sold as we put the house (Klaradal was operated out of an Historic  home which we owned)  on the market.

Our final day we had a pot luck party.  Customers brought a wonderful assortment of home made foods.  There were also great store bought cookies and breads that were absolutely delicious.  The Swedish Fiddlers were kind enough to perform for free.  We were quite busy with sales-I didn’t think there was that much left to sell- so I didn’t get to say a personal goodbye to everyone but I hope they know how much I appreciated their friendship and support of both Klaradal and me!