India Day Two – Shri Manguesh Temple

My driver dropped me off at the bottom of the walkway that leads up to this temple.  The walkway is lined with stalls selling lots of souvenirs

, hats to protect from the sun (I was already wearing one) freshly made sugar cane juice, and flowers to give once inside the temple.  It was a long hot walk with lots of people yelling for my attention.  Once inside the area of the temple building you were instructed to remove your shoes.  I did so and then quickly stepped to a shady area – yikes it was burning hot on my feet!

I was wearing a skort and a woman appeared to help me wrap my cotton scarf around my legs so that only the bottom part of my legs showed.  Once you walk through the silver doors of the temple you are not allowed to take photos.  I wish someone had been along to tell me what was happening.  There were multiple priests behind the railing at the front of the temple.  They would take flowers from the worshiper, along with cash, and then dump the flowers into a large bowl.  You could see that there was another ro0m behind these priests where there were lit candles and more people sitting.  In the front, where I was, there was an area where people knelt, in a line, on the floor.  The woman knelt on one side and the men on the other.