India Day 2 – The Spice Plantation

I had read mixed reviews about the spice plantation but thought it would be a good site to add to my tour.  Some called it a tourist trap but, hey, I’m a tourist so…When you enter the plantation you are greeted with a lei of flowers, a dot of red powder on your forehead and a glass of hot spiced tea.  The tour took us from plant to plant explaining what each spice was and how it was used.  We were past the harvest season so not every spice was available to see.  They had a demonstration of how the black Betel nut is harvested.  I was familiar with this nut only because of the movie South Pacific in which the sailors sing about Bloody Mary who chews Betel nuts but doesn’t use Pepsodent.

The tour ended with a hot buffet which, truth be told, I did not feel comfortable eating.  When I read up on how to stay healthy while visiting India it was repeatedly stated not to eat lukewarm food from buffets.  This food had been sitting out in the sun so I opted for a Sprite.  Given the heat and the big breakfast,

I had eaten this was perfect.