A Snowy Wednesday in Rattvik

View from my window Wednesday morning, Tallberg.

I awoke after a great night’s sleep on my Swedish Hastens mattress to discover it had snowed overnight!  My little balcony was filling up with snow, and the swirling flurries made it impossible to see any distance.  I must admit, though…it made my heart happy.  Snow!!! After dressing, I walked down one flight to the restaurant which features a traditional Swedish breakfast with some American additions:  Scrambled eggs, fresh squeezed orange juice, yogurt, loaves of bread, cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes, smoked salmon, and sill.  (Herring)

Fortified with breakfast, I ventured, by car, to the town of Rattvik.  There is a second-hand shop there that is ONLY open on Wednesdays, and I wanted to be sure to be there when they unlocked the doors.  I made it, with 5 minutes to spare, despite slow travel due to road conditions.  I found some unique items including fun vintage linens.

My next stop was an Antique store in the center of town where a poodle greeted me as I came through the door.  I found an antique bread bowl with a beautiful patina, a blue tin French key holder, and a pastry server in the Gamla Fransk pattern.

I then drove to the local Hemslojd to see if I could find any gifts for the Klaragals.  They had some unique items and lots of woolen pieces but nothing that caught my eye.  I’d been to the shop many times before but had never realized there was a second floor.  When I climbed the stairs, I discovered a mini museum of folk costumes and an abundant number of costume skirts, pants, blouses, and vests.  If you are ever in Raatvik be sure to stop in to see their collection.  

Before heading home, I popped into the local bakery to get a Semlor to enjoy back at the room.  The snow, as I drove home, became heavier and driving proved challenging.  I relaxed, once back at the hotel, with a swim and visit to the sauna. Their sauna is glass enclosed, and the steam is infused with herbs.  I forgot all about the snowy drive.  And soon it was time to enjoy that Hastens mattress again!