My son and I arrived in Goa India at 2:30 in the morning after having flown a total of about 19 hours.  It is a small manageable airport with just 2 luggage carousels so did not feel overwhelmed.  It took awhile to find our luggage but when we did it was easy to exit.  They seemed to require most everyone to put their luggge through a scanner before exiting but they did not ask us to do so.  We had someone meeting us at the airport.  You have to wait outside to greet people but we spotted them immediately.  The first thing I noticed was the heat, like a summer night, and the horns blowing and dogs barking.

We had a LOT of luggage which required us to put some on top of the car and then we all squeezed in.  I soon learned that the horn is probably the most important part of a car in India.  It seems to be used instead of turn signals and is used whenever anyone is passing you – even if you are on a road with multiple lanes….there is a toot toot as they passed.

I also quickly realized how many “wild” dogs there were in India.  We passed packs of them standing on the edge of the road.  The pet lover in my had to avoid watching these poor creatures.

We arrived at our hotel and were greeted with fruit drinks – which I refused because of my fear of “Delhi  Belly”. We said good-bye to our friends and were quickly led to our room.  I didn’t think I would sleep long since I had slept on the plane but…..did not wake up until 1:30 in the afternoon!

My room was not what I had requested so I spoke with the front desk and they were quite gracious in making the change and insisting I see all available rooms before deciding.  They even insisted on sending up room service while we waited.

This is the view from our room